Dear Editor,

I have watched and listened with grave concern to what has been occurring for the past seven years in Selma.  I am speaking about crime and the fact that the crime has escalated from just property theft to grand theft auto, assaults, rape, gun violence, murders and children being shot. I have heard the story that it is difficult to provide the police department the support needed to eliminate these types of threats to our community of Selma, its citizens and guests.  Why?  Not enough available funding. 

Two years ago, I asked the then Police Chief if I could help by providing funding for more police.  I was ignored.  When the new City Manager came to town I asked again, and I was ignored again. 

I read an article online about how card rooms in 74 California locations were providing billions of dollars of economic impact, creating 32,000 well-paying jobs, and most importantly, how millions of dollars were generated for the cities that had operating card rooms.  Club One in Fresno generates over $1,000,000 for the City, and the 500 Club in Clovis with similar numbers.  So, I talked with City Attorney for Selma, the City Manager, and the Council and the idea was born. 

We have had time to gather information and to provide education to the community on the benefits of a card room.   Now on Nov. 3 I am asking voters in Selma to allow this card room concept to be approved so up to $1,000,000 a year can be generated to support law enforcement, youth programs and 160 new jobs for Selma residents.  This plan will work, and it will be a good business for Selma and will provide enough funds to hire up to 9 new police officers.  Currently the FBI rates Selma with an "F" due to its shortage of Police Officers, with 59 required and Selma only has 36 officers in the budget.  Let us do something positive to solve this crime problem once and for all.  Vote Yes on Measure L.

— Dwight Nelson

Yes on Measure L Committee

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