KINGSBURG —  Kingsburg High School has announced its Employees of the Year.  Honorees for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows: 

Ryan Phelan, Administrator of the Year

Ryan Phelan has been selected as the Administrator of the Year for 2020/2021 for his tremendous leadership given to Kingsburg High School.  This past year has been one of the most difficult years in KJUHSD's history.  Ryan has masterfully handled all his duties as principal along with the COVID-19 mitigation. COVID-19 mitigation has been very complex and difficult, but Ryan has been instrumental in getting our school open and keeping it open.    Ryan is not only a leader at KHS but in the Kingsburg community.  Thank you for your tremendous leadership to make KHS all it can be.  Congratulations, Ryan! 

— Don Shoemaker, Superintendent Kingsburg Joint Union High School District

Laura Vallenari – Teacher of the Year

In order for our school to have any hope of opening its doors and keeping those same doors open it took an extraordinary effort from all involved.  Ms. Vallenari truly stepped up when she was needed most, and it is my pleasure to honor her.  From the start, I have asked Laura to go above and beyond to assist me in this process. Her creative ideas and video editing skills were coveted. She not only helped in communicating to our families and community, but she also played a crucial role with our teachers association.  If that wasn’t enough, she was put in charge of WASC which is a huge undertaking. This could not have been done without Laura.

Ryan Phelan- Principal Kingsburg High School

Robin Lund, Classified Employee of the Year

In order for our school to have any hope of opening its doors and keeping those same doors open it took an extraordinary effort from all involved.  Mrs. Lund truly stepped up when she was needed most, and it is my pleasure to honor her.  Robin was thrust into a part of her job this year that she never asked for. She mitigates every phone call we get from parents in regards to COVID. She contact traces, and makes key determinations for the safety of our campus. The Fresno County Department of Public Health has raved about how she treats cases. She has a very unpopular job right now, but she shows up and does it each and every day in an effort to get our kids in classrooms. Her job is a heavy one, and she has risen beyond belief.

— Ryan Phelan, Principal Kingsburg High School

Todd Brown, Coach of the Year

"I am so pleased with the School Board's decision in naming Todd Brown as our Kingsburg High School Coach of the Year. Coach Brown is an exceptional communicator and teacher of the game of basketball. He cares deeply for his student-athletes as shown by his time, energy, and focus he gives during practices and games. It is such a pleasure having Coach Brown on our Kingsburg High School Coaching Staff. His success on the court in earning Kingsburg High School's first Boys Basketball Section Championship in over 40 years is a testament to his dedication to the players and the program."

Scott Hodges, Athletic Director, Kingsburg High School

Bryan Peterson, Honoree Certificated Employee of the Year

Bryan has found ways to work with his students through Distance Learning and Hybrid instruction.  He came into the office almost daily trying to figure out ways to reach his students. Bryan has really shown his heart for students, and I have really appreciated how he has handled this difficult situation.

Ryan Phelan, Principal, Kingsburg High School

Amanda Ferguson, Honoree Certificated Employee of the Year

Amanda Ferguson is completing her sixth year teaching Ag Earth Science, Intro to Agriculture, Floral Design and Ornamental Horticulture.  Amanda has provided amazing opportunities for the students in the Agriculture Program since she was hired.  Amanda as a technology pro has done an amazing job helping increase the digital outcomes for our department, and assisting the school as well.  Amanda strives to help students realize their successes, through FFA Awards at the local, regional, state and national level.  Amanda is never afraid to experiment with new curriculum, new animal projects or new FFA Activities.

Brian Donovan, Agriculture Department Head, Kingsburg High School

Lora Schutz, Honoree Certificated Employee of the Year

Lora is a teacher in the Kingsburg Independent Study School.  She has been invaluable since the school closures last March in helping develop and implement online programs for the district to help our students during Distance Learning.  She also helped the District implement Online Summer School so students could still earn credits in Summer School even though they were not on campus.  Lora is a tireless worker who is always looking out for the best interests of her students.  She always goes above and beyond what is needed from her.  She helps all three schools in the district with online learning and Independent Study learning. 

Ryan Walterman, Director Kingsburg Alternative Education Center

Bobby Navarro, Honoree Classified Employee of the Year

I have known Bobby for the past five years.  A few things I would like to point out would be his is always willing to help others.  Bobby prides himself in good hard work, and that is what he does on a weekly basis.  Our campus has never looked as good as it does now, and it is all his hard work that keeps it that way. Bobby spends time with his coworkers in their areas, and it has been nice watching them all work together and grow as a team.  Whether Bobby knows or not, he is a big part of the team coming together, and I could not be more grateful.

Roger Carender, Head Maintenance Operations & Transportation

Kingsburg Tri-County Health Care District, Community Members of the Year

Under the leadership of Arlie Rogers, the Kingsburg Tri-county Health Care District Board, (Lori Sanders, Tiffany Dix, Todd Thompson, Gary Nelson) issued us a grant for almost $40k.  This grant allowed us to put touchless water fountains across campus while also allowing us the ability to put vape detection in all restrooms.  We really appreciate the partnership and kindness of this board

Ryan Phelan, Principal, Kingsburg High School

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