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KINGSBURG – Now that this year’s Big Fresno Fair is over, local youth involved in the Kingsburg 4-H Club are reporting their results from a variety of competitions.

Although the students say preparing for the event is work, it’s worth it when they see the results of their efforts.

Among competitions was the Lads and Ladies Lead event where boys and girls wear a wool outfit that matches with an outfit worn by their lambs.

The competition requires that the outfits be made of either 100 percent wool, or at least 70 percent wool and no more than 30 percent synthetic fibers.

Entries are judged based on mode of dress and its appropriateness, attractiveness and elegance. When contestants purchase items, they must show a clothing tag picture to verify the garment’s fibers. The competitors also submit a 200-word commentary on their attire.

This year, eight Kingsburg 4-H members competed in this event.

Kayden Kazanjian was among those competitors and said you can either buy or sew your own outfits. This year, she challenged herself to create them.

“You have to sew or buy an outfit: one for you and one for your lamb. I made both of my outfits. Then, you have to know how to model and walk so when you get down to the competition you’re ready to go.”

Kazanjian said while she did not have much sewing experience beforehand, she does now.

“I enjoy doing activities so I can learn how to do different things. Before, I didn’t know how to sew clothes very well or how to make clothes for an animal. It is also very fun to participate in these events because you make new friends every time.”

Hunter Nelson said it takes numerous hours from when they first get their lambs in June to prepare their sheep for the fair in October.

“We spend many hours walking, feeding and working our animals to get ready for the fair. Once at the fair, we are weighing, washing and shearing our lambs for competition.”

Nelson said there’s much anticipation for these events as “you never know who is going to win. We are all so competitive and it’s exciting to see how well everyone does.”

The Kingsburg 4-H reporter Jack Hambleton, a Clay Elementary fifth-grader, has sent the following results:


Mikayla Rosales - 1st place in showmanship and won a belt buckle; 2nd place in market; Mia Acevedo - reserve supreme champion; Timothy Picquette - won best doe in show; 3rd in dairy market; 2nd in showmanship; Dillen Picquette - won reserve champion; 4th in dairy market; Megan DeGroot - 1st in Boer breeding class; 3rd in Showmanship; and Gracie Rocha - 5th in dairy market


Mikayla Rosales - Won round robin; Kayden Kazanjian and Jillian Penner - Won barnyard Olympics; and Daniel Weathers - Senior sheep showmanship, 9th

Intermediate Showmanship: 2nd - Jillian Penner; 3rd - Mikayla Rosales; 5th - Marisal Howeth; 6th - Hunter Nelson; 8th - Kayden Kazanjian; 10th - Finley Rogers; and 11th - Lincoln Rogers

Junior Sheep Showmanship: 3rd - Kayden Penner; 8th - Payton Patterson; and 9th - Mary Jane Rogers. Champion Southdown: Kayden Penner; reserve champion commercial cross: Jillian Penner; and reserve champion natural colors: Payton Patterson

Ladies Lead

1st - Kayden Kazanjian; 2nd - Makayla Rosales; 3rd - Jillian Penner; 4th - Lexie Mclain; 5th - Kayden Penner; 6th - Mary Jane Rogers; 8th - Bonnie DeMoss; and Honorable Mention - Marisal Howeth


Adeline Kliewer - 1st for heritage breed Tom; and Dillon Morine - 9th for market chickens


David Muxlow - 4th in class; Jonathan Muxlow - 3rd in class; and Trenton Edlund - 4th in class and 10th in showmanship


Nate Bahne - 1st for cactus/succulent category; Zachary Ergo - best of show for succulent bird house; James Ergo - best of show for pumpkin, sweepstakes winner; and Dillon Morine - 1st and 2nd for pumpkins


Jack Hambleton: 2nd place - toolbox, pencil holder, wooden pumpkin, bird feeder; and Hunter Nelson: 1st place - bird feeder, 2nd place - pencil holder and toolbox

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