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Historical calendar: Cover

The Kingsburg Historical Calendar Committee recently released its 2019 calendar and the price is still just $10. The cover features the Roosevelt School Class of 1955. Contact Ron Bergman at 859-3148 to obtain your calendar.

KINGSBURG – The Kingsburg Historical Calendar Committee has released its 2019 edition and this year’s calendar features the Roosevelt School Class of 1955. These students would go on to graduate from Kingsburg High as the Class of 1959.

The 2019 Calendar includes 13 frame-ready photographs of Kingsburg’s historic landmarks, buildings and community each with a caption meant to entertain, educate and impress the reader.

Calendars are available at local venues such as Kady’s Kitchen, the Chamber of Commerce, Viking Barber Shop, Historic Kingsburg Depot and Kingsburg Historical Park or by calling Bergman at 859-3148. Board members of the Kingsburg Historical Society will also have calendars for sale. The cost is $10 per calendar and organizers say that price has not increased since the first issue was produced in October 2006.

The tradition of compiling the historical calendars started when retired educator and local historian Ron Bergman and Mark Jost produced the first one. That first calendar featured an image of the Stone Hotel adjacent to the Southern Pacific Depot circa 1913. Berman and Jost selected that cover photo and an image for each month of the calendar based on the clarity, detail and historical significance of each image.

The Calendar Committee has also compiled a caption filled with historical details for each photo. This year, historical notes have been added to each month to enlighten readers. Many use the images included in the calendar to display in their homes and businesses.

The photographs in this year’s calendar include:

January: A look at the storefronts now occupied by Fugazzi’s, Revival 23 and Apotek Lofts

February: Discover the secrets in the basement of Corsaro’s Pizza

March: Ever wonder what business occupied 1440 Draper Street in 1928? What a difference!

April: Where did the citizens of Kingsburg go to escape the summer heat before air-conditioning?

May: At one time, auto dealerships were plentiful in Kingsburg. Check out this Ford Dealership.

June: In 1945 The Planning Mill burned. Find out what happened to the liquor at Jerry’s Lunch next door.

July: Kingsburg Royal Court has a long tradition of elegance and beauty. In 1909, three lovely ladies represented the newly incorporated city of Kingsburg with poise and grace.

August: Kingsburg is also known for its stalwart men. Look past the grime to see some of Kingsburg’s favorite sons.

September: Like today, local cafes were popular places to meet and discuss current events.

October: The northwest corner of Draper and Smith streets was a busy place in 1915. What are those boys up to?

November: Before it was a shopping center, even before it was the Kingsburg Cotton Mill, the intersection of Sierra and Marion was a busy place!

December: There’s a huge difference between night and day as you’ll see in this photo of merged images taken at night, and again during the day, of the Christmas in the Village of 1930.

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