SELMA – Cuberto Hernandez had a vision for the blank walls of his feed store on the 2200 block of Arrants Street. The store is located at the intersections of Wright, Arrants and Front streets and when Hernandez took over the store a few years ago, he wanted to share the love of his family with the community.

“When I bought, it was just plain white. The first thing I noticed was I’d like to do something like that,” he said of the murals he noticed on other businesses in town.

Now, brush stroke by brush stroke, that vision is coming to life on the south wall of the Elm Avenue Feed Store.

This building was previously another feed store, the district office for Selma Unified, then it became a feed store again with G&R Feed operating out of it for years.

Since the road is heavily travelled, Hernandez said he wanted passersby to know that since it’s a family store, he wanted to share how important his family is to him and that includes his pets and farm animals

“I said I’m going to do this and have all my family and my horse and my dogs and my goats and my cows.”

He’s hired artist Jose Luis Cerillos to depict his upbringing in Zacatecas, Mexico, where there are plenty of bufadora cactus growing.

“We showed him a lot of family pictures and I showed him what I wanted him to do.”

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Hernandez is depicted picking the fruit off the cactus in one part of the mural.

“One of these days, I’m going to pass away but I’ll be there so they can remember me,” he said of the likeness.

Also included in the mural are his wife, grown children and grandchildren. The artist will continue to add family members and more details such as boulders and rocks and paint the columns to look like wooden beams, he said.

“That one he’s working on is going to be Mayra milking the cow and you can see the chickens right there. This will be another one of my granddaughters and another granddaughter here, my mom and my dad, my grandson, my horse and my daughter.

One son is shown driving a horse-drawn carriage bringing supplies to the Fresno-area store from their Selma location.

“He’s going to be going from Selma to Fresno. You see the sign showing how far it is. He’s bringing supplies from the store as if we’ve run out of stuff. That’s how we do it. If we’re running out of stuff over there, we take it Fresno. So he’s making a run from Selma. And this is Brownie my dog,” he said of the scene.

Once the mural is completely done, their family will gather for a big group portrait in front of the artwork, he said. As Hernandez talks of each family member and recalled his childhood, you can hear the pride in his voice.

“Since I was a little kid, we grew up in a ranch out in the country. I still live out in the country and have a horse and all that. They’re part of my family, my animals, so that’s what I wanted to have in the mural.”

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