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FRESNO – With all the eligible ballots finally counted as of Nov. 28, the Fresno County Elections Office reports they will be certifying the Nov. 6 General Election by Monday, Dec. 3.

The final tally shows that in the race for Kingsburg City Council newcomer Jewel Hurtado has retained her lead to represent District 1. Vince Palomar will represent the newly formed District 5.

On the Kingsburg High School Board, Brent Lunde will keep his seat while Gary Nelson, Arlie Rogers and Tiffany Dix were successful in their bids for seats on the Kingsburg Tri-County Health Care District. Rogers and Dix are incumbents.

In Selma, Sarah Guerra and John Trujillo were the top vote getters on the City Council election. Roger Orosco and Diane Jensen will serve on the Selma School District Board. Anthony Herrera, Colleen Nelson and incumbent Leticia Gallardo will serve on the Selma Health Care District.

Here are the final vote tallies:


Kingsburg City Council

District 1

Jewel Hurtado: 292

Staci Smith: 284

Nathan Williams: 199

District 5

Melissa Bethel: 157

Vince Palomar: 280

Sirina R. Resendez: 129

Kingsburg Joint Union High School District

District 2

Brent Lunde: Fresno County: 447; Kings County: 140; Tulare County: 4 = 591

Corina Mendoza: Fresno County: 351; Kings County: 28; Tulare County: 1 = 380

Kingsburg Tri-County Health Care District

Bruce Blayney: Fresno County: 1,808; Kings County: 113; Tulare County: 155 = 2,076

Tiffany Dix: Fresno County: 1,927; Kings County: 53; Tulare County: 113 = 2,093

Gary Nelson: Fresno County: 2,388; Kings County: 116; Tulare County: 221 = 2,725

Arlie Rogers: Fresno County: 2,111; Kings County: 109; Tulare County: 190 = 2,410

Glenn Snyder: Fresno County: 1,365; Kings County: 59; Tulare County: 96 = 1,520


Selma City Council

Rosemary Alanis: 1,104

Joel Fedor: 762

Sarah Guerra: 2,314

Mike ‘Cheezer’ Munoz: 858

Theresa Guzman Salas: 1,071

Johnny L. Trujillo: 1,438

Selma Unified School District

District 3

Yvette Montijo: 465

Roger Orosco: 565

Regina Pallares: 450

District 5

Diane Jensen: 610

Annmarie Summers: 525

Selma Health Care District

Linda Esquivel: 1,801

Leticia Gallardo: 2,331

Anthony Herrera: 3,208

Andy Montijo: 1,704

Colleen Nelson: 2,594

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