Cal Water: Local facts

California Water Manager Steve Johnson shared background information during the Oct. 21 Selma City Council meeting.

California Water Service’s local manager Steve Johnson presented some information at the Oct. 21 Selma City Council meeting as background regarding Selma’s water supply. Here are some highlights of his presentation.

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  • Formed in 1926, Cal Water has been in business for 92 years with service areas as far north as Chico and as far south as Rancho Dominguez.
  • They serve 2 million Californians through almost 500,000 service connections. More than 80 billion gallons of water are pumped annually.
  • More than 400,000 water quality tests are taken each year.
  • There are 6,500 miles of water mains in all their systems.
  • Cal Water has serviced Selma since 1962 with the system being purchased from PG&E.
  • There are six state-certified staff within the district, as far as treatment certifications and distribution certifications.
  • Population served is about 25,000.
  • There are 6,600 service connections, 87 miles of main lines and 10 wells and pumping facilities. These consist of two 1-million gallon storage tanks and nine backup power supplies.
  • There are two granular activated carbon treatment sites that were brought online in 2018. Those facilities treat water for TCP.
  • Typical consumption is about 140 gallons per capita day per person, which equates to 560 gallons per day for a typical family of four.
  • They collect more than 66,000 water quality samples per year and monitor for 318 compounds and substances under Title 22 regarding recycled water.
  • A typical customer’s bill is about $49 per month. This includes groundwater recharge fees for the City of Selma and CID.
  • Cal Water is in year five of an eight-year agreement between Selma and CID. We’re at 16 cents per CCF for metered customers. One CCF equals 748 gallons.
  • The monthly charge for flat rate customers depends on lot size and ranges from $6.47 to $12.36.
  • The total collected for groundwater recharge facilities since 2015 is an estimated $870,000.
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