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What is PUBLIC SAFETY POWER SHUTOFF? Public Safety Power Shutoff or PSPS is a precautionary safety measure that may proactively turn off power lines when extreme fire danger conditions are forecast. We will do this to reduce wildfire risks and keep our customers safe. To receive important outage alerts, update your contact information at What criteria does PG&E consider when calling a PSPS? No single factor will initiate a Public Safety Power Shutoff as each situation is unique. The factors we generally consider include: ■ A Red Flag Warning declared by the National Weather Service ■ Forecasts of strong winds and wind gusts ■ Low humidity levels ■ Critically dry vegetation that could fuel a wildfire ■ And on-the-ground, real-time observations from PG&E field crews How will I know if a PSPS has been called in my neighborhood? Because extreme weather threats can change quickly, our goal is to provide notice through phone calls, emails and text messages to customers 48 hours in advance, again at 24 hours and again just prior to turning off the power for safety. Updates will also be shared through social media, local news, radio and until the time power is restored. To receive important outage alerts, update your contact information at How can I prepare for a PSPS? We advise you to think in advance about your family’s needs and how you might be impacted in the event of a power shutoff—or for any emergency. ■ Do you have a personal safety plan for all members of your family, including pets? ■ If you own a generator, is it ready to operate safely? ■ Do you know how to open your garage door manually? ■ Do you have cash and a full tank of gas, in the event ATMs and gas stations are unavailable? ■ Are your mobile phones fully charged? SIGN UP FOR ALERTS AT PGE.COM/MYWILDFIREALERTS “PG&E” refers to Pacific acific Gas and El Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. ©2019 Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All rights reserved. Paid for by PG&E shareholders. In the interest of public safety, we continue to update and refine our criteria and protocols on an ongoing basis.

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