Details for V-Day Feb. 13th

Seven ways to celebrate
Valentine’s Day as a family

Valentine’s Day can be a time to celebrate love of all
kinds. This year, instead of making romantic plans with
your partner, why not include your kids and celebrate as a
family? Here are some Valentine’s Day activities you and
the kids will love:
1. Profess your love. Each family member takes a turn
telling the others something they love about them,
including themselves.
2. Eat a special breakfast. Serve heart-shaped pancakes or
oatmeal with strawberries and chocolate chips.
3. Go on a family date night. Eat at a local restaurant you
haven’t tried before and catch a movie after.

How to navigate Valentine’s Day when
5. Bake cookies. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make
Valentine’s Day cookies. Decorate them with pink icing. you’ve just started dating

4. Take a walk down memory lane. Reminisce and share
stories while looking at old family photos. The kids will
love looking at themselves and you in your younger days.

Whether you’ve only been on a couple of
dates or you’ve spent every day together for
the last two months, Valentine’s Day can be
uncomfortable when you’ve just started dating
someone. However, it doesn’t have to be an
awkward event. As long as the two of you
talk to each other about your expectations,
Valentine’s Day can be a hassle-free affair.

It’s never too early to learn to communicate
with your new partner. If you see a future with
this person, you should talk to them about
your expectations and hopes for Valentine’s
Day. Bringing up the topic can be as simple
as asking, ‘’how do you feel about Valentine’s
6. Have a movie marathon. Make popcorn, buy candy and Day?”
snuggle up together under your cosiest blankets.

choose to buy each other presents, decide on
a budget and stick to it. If you don’t want to
exchange gifts but still want to do something,
cook dinner together and have a quiet evening
Navigating the waters of your first Valentine’s
Day together can make or break you as a
couple. If it goes well, you could be starting a
tradition that will last for years to come.


7. Make cards. Gather red and pink paper, glitter, stickers The two of you should decide how you’d like
and markers to make valentines to hand out to friends to celebrate mark the occasion. No matter
what you decide, don’t go overboard. If you
and family members.
Taking the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family
will create memories your kids will have for a lifetime.


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Tips for choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift

Are you having a hard time • Listen to them: they may
be dropping hints. Have they
deciding what to give your
recently mentioned something
they’d like to buy? You’ll get
Day? Do you want to give them
extra brownie points for getting
samething beyond the customary
them something they talked
flowers and box of chocolates? If
wanting months ago.
so, here are some tips for finding
the perfect gift.
• Ask for help: if you’ve been
wracking your brain but can’t
• Think about them: consider
think of anything, asking
what they like and any hobbies
somebody they’re close to could
they may have. Keeping these
help. Their mom, best friend or
things in mind will help you
brother may have a good idea
avoid giving something they
you haven’t thought of.
won’t appreciate.
• Remember who it’s for: don’t
buy them tickets to an event
you”ll be more excited about
than they will. If you’re going
for an experience as a gift, make
sure it’s something they’ll enjoy.
By following these tips, you’ll be
sure to wow the person you love

Four things to avoid cooking on Valentine’s Day


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potatoes. However, eating a heavy
Have you offered to make somebody
you love a romantic Valentine’s Day
meal is more likely to put your
dinner but aren’t the best cook?
love interest to sleep than it is to
While there are countless recipes out
put him or her in the mood for
there for people who aren’t adept in
the kitchen, here are four meals you’ll
4. Anything too complicated: while
definitely want to avoid serving.
you might love the idea of making a
2. Anything too spicy: some people
cheese soufflé or French macaroons,
love spicy foods like curries, chilies
the truth is that these dishes are
and anything covered with hot
extremely finicky, even for an
sauce, but for the uninitiated, these
experienced chef. It’s best to leave
foods can cause major stomach
these recipes for a night when there’s
issues that could put an early end
less at stake.
to your romantic evening.
You don’t need to be fancy to impress
2. Anything that requires a bib: lots of your date. The important part is
people love to crack into a lobster spending some time together, even if
or crab, but eating these shellfish it means ordering a pizza after you’ve
can be incredibly messy. If you’re burned the chicken.
going to go the seafood route,
serve the meat without the
3. Anything too heavy: you
might be tempted to serve a
robust dish you know your
sweetie will love like steak and


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