Details for PGE - 2019 Unsynched, Rate Design Window

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CUSTOMERS (A.18-11-013)


March 28, 2019 at 10 a.m.

California Public Utilities Commission Courtroom
State Office Building
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

This Evidentiary Hearing has been scheduled by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to
review PG&E’s Rate Design Window (RDW) application. The application was originally filed with the
CPUC on November 20, 2018, and is focused on agricultural customers.
The application’s goal is to reduce the number of customers highly impacted by previously approved rate
increases by offering new and modified agricultural rate plan options. This hearing has been scheduled
for issues that parties to the proceeding and the Administrative Law Judge (Judge) wish to cover.
In PG&E’s 2017 General Rate Case (GRC) Phase II application, the CPUC approved simplified default
and voluntary rate plans for agricultural customers. These rate plans from the 2017 GRC Phase II case
are scheduled for implementation by March 2020.
If approved, this application would modify rate plans even further to reduce certain bill impacts. The
changes included in this application will replace previously approved rate plan changes and customers
will be able to choose from modified rate plan options. PG&E will provide online tools to help customers
decide which rate plan is best for them.
This application does not include a request to increase rates overall for the agricultural customer class,
however, if approved, the new rate plans will impact bills for agricultural customers as rate design
changes are implemented and customers make decisions about their rate plans. The new rate plans
will also allow agricultural customers to select a rate plan that works best for them.
Bill impacts will vary based on how much energy customers use, when they use it, and which rate
plan they select. The new rate plans will reduce the number of highly impacted customers estimated
to receive bill increases.1
At this hearing, the assigned Judge will receive testimonies from PG&E, consumer advocacy groups and
other parties to this proceeding. These hearings are open to the public, but only those who are parties to
the proceeding may present evidence or testimony and be subject to cross-examination. The hearings
and documents submitted during this proceeding will become part of the formal record the Judge will
rely upon in writing a proposed decision to present to the Commissioners for their consideration.
After considering all proposals and evidence presented during the formal hearing process, the assigned
Judge will issue a proposed decision which may adopt, modify or deny PG&E’s proposal. Any of the five
CPUC Commissioners may also sponsor an alternate decision. The proposed decision and any alternate
decisions, will be discussed and voted upon by the Commissioners at a scheduled CPUC Voting Meeting.
Please note: The CPUC’s Courtroom is wheelchair accessible. If you wish to attend and need
specialized accommodations, please contact the Public Advisor’s Office (PAO) at least five business
days prior to the hearing date. Any changes to the dates, times and locations of the hearings will be
posted to the CPUC’s Daily Calendar.
If you would like a copy of PG&E’s application filing and exhibits, please write to: PG&E, 2019 RDW
Application (A.18-11-013), P.O. Box 7442, San Francisco, CA 94120. Copies of PG&E’s filing and
exhibits are also available for review by appointment at the CPUC’s Central Files Office in San Francisco.
For more information, please contact them at or 1-415-703-2045.
PG&E’s filing (without exhibits) is available on the CPUC’s website at
The California Public Advocates Office (CalPA) has reviewed this application. CalPA is the independent
consumer advocate within the CPUC with a legislative mandate to represent investor-owned utility
customers to obtain the lowest possible rate for service consistent with reliable and safe service levels.
CalPA has a multidisciplinary staff with expertise in economics, finance, accounting and engineering.
For more information about CalPA, please call 1-415-703-1584, email or visit
If you would like to follow this proceeding, or any other issue before the CPUC, you may use the CPUC’s
free subscription service. Sign up at:
If you would like to learn how you can participate in the proceeding, have informal comments, or if you have
questions about the CPUC processes, you may access the CPUC’s PAO webpage at
You may also contact the PAO as follows:
Write: CPUC
Public Advisor’s Office
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 1-866-849-8390 (toll-free) or 1-415-703-2074
1-866-836-7825 (toll-free) or 1-415-703-5282
Please reference PG&E’s 2019 RDW Application (A.18-11-013) in any communications you have with
the CPUC regarding this matter. All public comments will become part of the public correspondence
file for this proceeding and made available for review by the assigned Judge, the Commissioners and
appropriate CPUC staff.
Highly impacted is defined by both a percentage and a dollar amount. In order to fall into this category,
bill increases would have to exceed both 7% and $100 per year.



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