Details for Paper Only Ad

SPECIALIZING IN: Vehicle 99 & Older         31 75 $$4175 We smog Diesels Catalytic Converter Specials Tune-ups Brakes FREE Oil Change EXHAUST Computer Diagnostics CHECK Leading Technology Brake & Lamp Certification Star Certified Gross Polluter Repair ARMANDO’S With coupon SMOG CHECK Plus Certificate Plus Certificate & ETC Fee Smog & Muffler OPEN MON– FRI 8am-5pm & Saturday 8am-12pm ONLY AT COUPONVALID VALID WITH WITH DMV COUPON DMVRENEWAL RENEWAL PAPER NOTNOT VALID ON 99ON & OLDER PAPERONLY. ONLY. VALID 99 & MH-HDMH-HD VEHICLEs AND DIEsEL. VALID OLDER VEHICLES. NOTNOT VALID ON ON sTAR TEsTING GROssPOLLUTERS. POLLUTERs. STAR TESTING ORORGROSS PLEAsE PREsENT COUPON BEFORE sERVICE. PLEASE PRESENT COUPON BEFORE EXPIREs 9-30-2019 SERVICE. EXPIRES 6/30/2018 86566-1 SE HABLA ESPAÑOL 891 891--1737 ARMANDO BARAJAS OWNER CORNER OF WHITSON & 3RD 1801 Whitson, Selma

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