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THURSDAY Coupon 12/06/2018 Friday 1-Day Sale 12/07/2018 WHOLE OR SLICED MUSHROOMS GROUND CHUCK 19% FAT 98¢ea (Limit 2) Thursday Coupon MEATS (Limit 4lbs) $2.75lb GROCERY PRODUCE BULK RED BEEF FOR STEW POTATOES $2.98 8.5 8.5--9.75OZ 2lbs/$1 2/$5 SMALL MANGOES HARRIS RANCH BEEF PATTIES lb MEAT COUNTER BEEF PASTRAMI DORITOS OR RUFFLES CHIPS 48OZ (3LB BAG) 2/$1 $2.98 lb $6.98 MEAT COUNTER MOZZARELLA CHEESE SPAGHETTI BUTTERNUT SQUASH Sunny D Tangy Original $2.98lb 2lbs/$1 2/$3 64oz Lunch Combo $5.38 Ambrosia Corn Dogs $2.78lb BEVERAGES BEVERAG BEVERAGES Michelob Ultra 12oz 12pk Bottles and Cans BEVERAGES BEVERAGES Dos Equis, 805, & General Sherman IPA Coors & Coors Light $12.98+crv $8.98+crv 12oz 12pk Cans 12oz 12pk $10.48+crv 750ml 750ml 12oz 12pk $12.98+crv Tisdale Wine Malibu Rum Corona & Modelo $2.78 $10.98 Crown Royal Whiskey Barefoot Wine $19.98 $4.98 750ml BEVERAGES Ki n g s b u r g 750ml BEVERAGES SUPER MARKET 897 897--5827 BEVERAGES BEV- BEVERAGES Miravalle New Mexico or California Enconchadas Chili Pods 15oz 8oz Miravalle Hojas 2/$5 BEVERAGES BEVERAGES BEVERAGES BEVERAGES BEVERAGES 2 for $1 2/$5 Teasdale La Tapatia Regular White Masa Hominy 108oz 5lb 2/$5 2/$5 Jessie Lord Apple or Pumpkin Pies 22oz $2.78

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