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On behalf of the more than 20,000 students in
Kings and Southern Fresno County who received
the newspaper as a living text book this school
year —we’d like to say thanks to our Newspaper in
Education sponsors for giving the gift of literacy.

We deliver almost 100,000 newspapers
annually to teachers, at no cost to them,
thanks to sponsors like you!
Some of our Newspaper In Education Sponsors


Kings County Trophy

Suzanne Marienau
Cardoza, O.D.
Rodriguez Bros. Inc.
A special Thank you to all of our readers who donate money! Each dollar donated
goes to helping NIE stay alive in our communities.
Want the newspaper delivered to your
classroom or want to donate to NIE?
For Teachers: Take advantage of this
opportunity to teach out of a living text
book: a newspaper. Every subject can be
addressed while using the paper. We even
provide lesson plans and teacher guides,
as well as special sections and serial
stories. Sign up for the entire year or just
a particular series. We make the program
fit your needs.

Call Jennifer Vikjord at 559-583-2420


For Donations: If you or your business
is interested in donating to the program
and help bring a living text book to schools
throughout Kings and Southern Fresno
Counties, call today. Any amount is
greatly appreciated.