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Born: Jan. 12, 1914 in Maywood, pop. 261

Died: Oct. 6, 2006 (age 92)

High School: Curtis, pop. 939

College/years: Nebraska

Games played in the NFL: 74

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Fun facts:

  • Started on the line in 15 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1938-42 and 1945).
  • Was a member of the Steagles in 1943 and Card-Pitt in 1944. The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers merged to form the Steagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Cardinals merged to form Card-Pitt because both teams lost many players to military service in World War II. Doyle did not enter the service due to the hardship it would have cause to his dependents.
  • The Steelers celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Steagles on Aug. 17, 2003. Six living members attended the game. Doyle was one of three who were unable to attend.
  • Was the last surviving Steeler from the famed Steagles team.
  • Doyle was one of just six players who played for both the Steagles and Card-Pitt.
  • During World War II Doyle worked at the Westinghouse Electric Company on military contracts. According to the book, "Last Team Standing" by Matthew Algeo, Doyle's work was a part of the Manhattan Project.
  • Managed Pla-Mor Lanes in Fairbury and was a manager of the Cominco Plant.


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