ARMONA — Last Tuesday, Parkview Middle School held its first-ever wrestling meet, but fell just short 51-50.

The stands were filled with parents, students and alumni as 30 Panthers took on La Joya Middle School. This is the first year that Parkview has a wrestling team. The previous week, the Panthers earned its first victory 70-20 over Green Acres Middle School.

Head coach Steven Martinez said he was proud of his wrestlers and the way they competed.

“The fact that we were in the match until the end says a lot about the student athletes we have in Armona,” Martinez said.

Parkview Principal James McDonald said, it was an easy decision to bring in soccer and wrestling.

“Wrestling is a unique sport that anyone can learn regardless of size,” McDonald said. “It took a lot of work to add these sports for our students. Our athletic director, Lynette Knepel, spent countless hours scheduling and adjusting practice times. With the support from the District office, Parkview can offer students more.”