It's sad that our leadership in Selma will be back. Under Robertsons leadership our crime has been the worst ever, we have to worry about our kids just playing outside. He supported useing our kids money on measure K for a dog park. Also not keeping the original promise on measure S but trust us in measure P, Are you kidding? Our leadership lead by Robertson continues to support increases it seems yearly on garbage and water. Water will be going up nearly 25% this year, that's ridiculous.

Although almost impossible without almost no campaign going on if the people of Selma fill in the write in box and write my name Roger Orosco and I somehow get in I will force a vote on day one for more police on patrol. I will not support any new taxes or raised rates on anything brought to the citizens of Selma. When it was talked about backroom deals and confirmed that those discussions have been goung on for 20 years I shook my head in disgust! I will out --all backdoor deals. When I was on the schoolboard I said NO to backdoor deals and brought them up for discussion. I am the good old boy's worst NIGHTMARE because I won't join there team and there is a big team most people don't know about. I'm sure I'm hated by the good old boy's but that's why you should write my name down, I'll hit back for you, the people. I did it before and I sure as HELL will do it again. I will vote to fire, regardless of consequences, those who are not doing there job in management for you the people. I am the only real honest change in this election. Everyone else is the same.

Vote for brutal honesty, no backdoor deals, real change by forcing votes on tough decisions. (Safety) And please vote NO on P!!!

                                                                                     Roger Orosco