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My two daughters and I drove 315 miles north to your gym to watch my team play yours. I am a math teacher at Orange Glen High School in North County San Diego. We have visited plenty of rowdy and not so welcoming schools over the past two weeks on the road to state.

Unfortunately high school student are sometimes rude and obnoxious. Even making fun of our players or shouting obscenities to the referees. Well, coming to Selma High School was a much different experience for the three of us. We showed up a few minutes after the opening jump ball and there were no seats available except the very top row amongst a sea of orange.

Henry Ramirez, the father of Junior #22 and his family invited us to sit next to them and what a fun night we had. Chatting back and forth even though rooting for our seperate teams. Other families and students were very friendly and cordial the whole night, from pointing us to the right place for bathrooms to finding water. Such nice families I couldn't get over it. There were people from all over coming to watch and support you all. Students from Clovis I talked with. Another couple that drove and hour and a half from a rival school of yours just to see how the game would go.

The whole town had a warm feel. I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you and your student body the rest of your school year. Thanks for a very positive night.

                                                                                      Joseph Rewa

                                                                     Teacher of Mathematics

                                                   Orange Glen High School, Escondido

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