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Teachers deserve what’s right, not what’s left over.

You may have seen your Selma teachers on picket lines lately protesting that the district administration is drawing out negotiations with SUTA (Selma Unified Teacher Association), consequently causing distractions to teaching and learning. As teachers, we are committed to fighting for what is important to our students — more instructional time in the classroom, less time in negotiations and a fair deal to keep the most competitive and valuable teaching force in Selma classrooms.

Selma Unified Teachers Association believes in attracting and retaining the best teachers for our students. We believe that the school district’s responsibility is to make sure resources should be spent on people who can help our students succeed. As professionals, we see and feel the impact of a teacher shortage in our area.

We Selma teachers have offered “6 over 3,” meaning a 6% increase in compensation over three years. That is a mere 2% per year and will cost approximately $1.5 million over three years. Know that SUSD has received $22,322,208 in new, ongoing state monies designated for classrooms since 2013. More is coming. This is a financially healthy district and well can afford our fair and reasonable offer. The SUTA offer improves the salary schedule to attract and retain teachers, is based on available resources, and our students' needs.

You can’t put students first when you make teachers last on the priority list. Tell the district to reach a fair and reasonable contract with teachers. One that show teachers the respect they talk about, but that we have not seen in SUSD’s behavior.

                                                                      Roxanne Garrigus-Case

                                                                                  SUTA President

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