In response to Matt Babiarz and Yvette Montijo's letters to the editor recently, you talked about rubber stamping and following another member among other things. Babiarz and Montijo you would have been more informed if you would have actually came to any school board meeting the last four years, then you would have seen who advocates for not only our kids but, us as parents.

It seems that you may have been misinformed. You Montijo, more than anyone else should know about closed sessions, with the board unable to release that information. That's actually one complaint on the recall papers YOU signed to start the recall process. Being criticized is part of the job, as you possibly could soon find out.

Montijo, if you happen to take area #3 seat because of your friends propaganda that's fine but, you will have to make tough closed session decisions on personal issues and if you can't talk about it, should I call for a recall and waste around $100,000 on speculation like you have done?

Here's also a lesson on how things get done. I reached out to the LOCK IT UP PROJECT, got the information brought to superintendent then a discussion with the board and it went from there. That's one way of spearheading and getting things done. People want things done, you would know this if you knock on doors yourself and talk to them and not just your neighbors. So the group that is supporting the recall has said things like I yell at babies, I bully kids, parents, lie, steal, racism and many more lies. This is the group that your part of which shows the character of you and this group and many people see this.

Roger Orosco


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