In response to the mayor's article last week, he supported the recall because there was a wrong committed. Really, what was the wrong? Where was Mr. Robertson's opinion the last four years when I personally did not support the same contract? I'm surprised the mayor would support the recall effort because it was a closed session item, which means he knows nothing about the internal situations of the district and if he heard something then he based his decision on speculation or misleading information.

Also the mayor did not mention our kids once in the article. I've learned through my one term on the board that the word stability means status quo. Robertson and his friends would know that if they had attended more than one or two meetings the last four years, because as a parent with kids in school right now, I want things done, and that's why things got done especially with safety. Lack of accountability hurts our kids, not being open minded about change hurts our kids, putting friendships ahead of our kids hurts our kids, and judging people when you only know half a story hurts our kids.

To the people of Selma, all you have to do is look at the picture in the enterprise on page A8, three new members with the old superintendent behind them. It speaks for itself. For them friends first.

Concerned parent,

Roger Orosco


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