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An update to the class of 1947 seventy year reunion at Bella Rosa Cafe in Kingsburg on Friday, 4/21/17. There were ten Selma High class of 1947 graduate attendance. Our memories of the gorgeous two story school in downtown Selma, our bus drivers that delivered us to school five days a week, freshman initiation day, musical and theatrical venues we were in, and of course sports ~ as we shared we reflected on what we were and what we are now. There was a lot of conversation about fulfilling our goals and dreams, our journey of education, marriages and children.

The highlight of our time together was special teachers, especially experiences with instructor, Harry Hoegh. He left an incredibly positive impact in the lives of so many of his students. He made a indelible imprint in my life as he never gave up on my inability to fully comprehend geometry. I wrote and submitted a letter about Mr. Hoegh to a national contest. Nationally, I placed fourth and was given a pin and $100.00. When Mr. Hoegh read about my submission and how I honored him in the Fresno Bee, he immediately rewarded his students with ice cream bars during that class time. He shifted his instruction of geometry to personal stories of his military contribution during World War I. Mr. Hoegh was a marvelous story teller, superb dancer, and imparted faith and self worth to all teenagers (even impossible ones like me).

                                                                                Dolores Davidian


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