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I thought this was a good time to bring up a look at our school board, what have THEY advocated for our kids. If you look at the minutes of the agendas it's easy to see that it has become an administrative board. After going over emails here's a little at what we found along with minutes of meeting and talking to some employees.

1. Mr. Montijo wants to be recognized at all functions and get this, I was told he asked for pictures of the board to be in all school offices. How does that help our kids?

2. The Board gave away our citizens oversight of money which use to be $5,000 one of the big reasons they are there. Unbelievable!

3. The board wants to be paid up to $240 a month. It's tabled right now with it able to come back at any time if it hasn't already. How does paying them help our kids? It doesn't!

4. Our SCHOOL BOARD put the fence around the jr. high on hold. They put SAFETY on hold, the most important thing in the world- our kids were put on hold why? I asked them — not one member wants to respond. Disgusting!

5. Our teachers picketed 2 school board meetings aginst our board. They even tried to stop teachers from all coming in. Maybe they should have moved it to the dinning hall — Sara Rodriguez remember that!

6. Our new superintendent Dr. Fisher was given an extension on her contract, bonus and step increase and instead of a split contract she has had a 5-0 vote. By the new boards actions the old board did a great job bringing her in. If only the knew board would put kids first not themselves or administration.

Due to word constraints I'll stop here for now.

                                                                                     Roger Orosco


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