The Grand Jury report showed that there was no secret meetings and the famous hit list was just another lie by the same people that have no problem misleading the public. The violations were on the way business had been conducted in meeting for many years by everyone not just three guys.

At the end of day a recall was done on a closed session item that our city council and school boards have now. Why is there a double standerd ? This is something that is just starting, the public should not forget that their board was recalled on hate and speculation something I'm sure we wouldn't want our kids to go through or be a part of. Should we teach our kids to lie or judge on speculation? Hell no! Our city is still divided, and once the other side is told I believe some people will realize they drank the COOL AID!

Some of these people actually said they were in morning after the release, that's ,ridiculous. To bad the people that criticized never bothered to show up for a meeting but they know everything right?

                                                                                      Roger Orosco