Several months ago, two of the four lanes of Arrants St. were closed to traffic between Lee St. and Wright St. after a sinkhole had developed in front of Bank of America. This was the latest of several holes that had been opening up since the street was escavated a few years back.

Apparently both the contractor who performed the work and the city’s representative(s) in charge of making sure the work had been performed properly had given the green light once the project had been completed. Unfortunately for the businesses lining up Arrants St. as well as the people driving down that pretty busy street, something went terribly wrong.

After several attempts to figure out exactly what & where the problem was, the city decided (rightly) to close the two lanes to prevent a potential catastrophe to occur. This took place sometimes in early March. Since then, we have contacted City Hall in more than one occasion to try to find out when they expected the project to begin, and more importantly when it would be completed. We were told by a high-ranking official that the work was scheduled to begin late May but as of today, not a single shovel has hit the ground.

Is anyone at City Hall concerned about the loss of income suffered by the business owners in the area? Is anyone at City Hall concerned about the loss of tax revenue the city is incurring because of it? The lack of diligence on the part of our elected officials tells me that no, they are not very concerned about it.

If the city of Selma was run like a private business, the project would have started a lot sooner and would be if not complete, at least close to completion.

What will it take for those responsible for this type of work to get on with it? A legal Proceeding maybe? Hmm, come to think of it!!!

                                                                                  Roger R. Tarpin