Students: College and Career event at SHS

Selma High hosted a College and Career Fair on Sept. 20 where multiple universities, non-profits and area businesses brought information to students as they consider future career options.

SELMA – Selma High hosted a Community College and Career Fair Sept. 20 which brought 50 colleges, businesses, government and nonprofit agencies to campus, as well as 150 AVID students who each presented information about a college or university they had researched.

Learning Director Deborah Richardson said hosting such events is important, not only for the students on campus, but for the community as a whole.

“I want the entire Selma community to know what possibilities are available to them and to their children. So many of these types of events are far away and thus out of reach for many in our community. Having an event such as this on the Selma High campus allows students and community members access to important information they might not otherwise be able to obtain.”

Among participants representatives from University of California Schools, including Santa Cruz, Merced and Davis, as well as private schools, the military, business and civil agencies including the U.S. Navy, Central Valley Engineering Associates, Nestle/Dreyers, Selma Police, Selma Fire/Urban and Rural Fire Fighting, The Institute of Technology, Lawrence and Company College of Cosmetology, La Tapatia, Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission and Robertson Guerra Insurance.

“It opens students and their families up to what is possible,” Richardson said. “Just tonight, a student mentioned to me that she spoke to colleges at the event she had never even knew existed. She was excited to see the number of opportunities available in post-secondary education.  I want each community member to be just as excited about their prospects.”

Several vendors also sold food for the event so families in attendance could enjoy dinner as well at the event itself, Richardson said.

Next year’s Community College and Career Fair will be Sept. 19, 2018.

Businesses, colleges or agencies that would like to participate may contact Richardson at 898-6550, ext. 41171 or via email at

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