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Danyl Jay Mendez is this year’s first baby born in 2018. His parents are Audry Lopez and Danny Mendez and he joins his big sister, Elyssa Mendez.

SELMA – The new year has brought a new beginning for Audry Lopez and Danny Mendez. Their new addition to the family, Danyl Jay Mendez, was born at 12:51 p.m. on Jan. 1. He measured 18 inches and weighed five pounds, 15 ounces. Danyl Jay joins his older sister, Elyssa Mendez, 14.

Lopez grew up in Selma and Kingsburg and graduated high school in Dinuba.

While the parents are a couple again, Lopez said life took them in different directions after having their first child, Elyssa.

“We had our daughter and while we always got along, it took a lot for us to get back together,” Lopez said. “We went through a lot. I was married twice and divorced twice and he was divorced.”

They’ve been back together since 2016 and now that they’re parents again at the start of the new year, Lopez said their family and friends are excited for this new beginning.

“Everybody is super happy for us and tells me, ‘thank God you guys are back together.’ For me to be pregnant, we’re just excited because this is happening. It was really unexpected, though.”

Danyl Jay wasn’t expected to arrive on New Year’s Day. He should have arrived Jan. 21 and Lopez had even scheduled a Caesarean section for Jan. 15. Since she was experiencing high blood pressure, she was checking in with her doctor every few days.

“I was very surprised because I had just seen the doctor,” Lopez said. “I had to go to the hospital every two to three days. I was just seen on Dec. 31 and they were figuring out if they should keep me or not.”

Lopez went home thinking she’d be pregnant for at least another two or three weeks. On New Year’s Eve, the family even joked about having the baby that night.

“We laughed, but no he didn’t want to come yet. But Jan. 1, at 9 o’clock my water broke. He was ready to come. He was a little early. He was born in Reedley.”

Lopez said now she hopes that not only Danyl Jay grows up healthy, but that he and his older sister are able to really feel like family

“Even though they’re 14 years apart, I hope they can grow up getting along as siblings and not her not really knowing him. With the New Year, I’m just so excited with the baby, I can’t believe it. ... He’s so cute. I’m sure you hear that all the time.”

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