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Improved grades: Oskie the Bear

Mascot Oskie the Bear surprises Selma High students who have improved their grades by one letter and are nominated by their teachers.

SELMA – A total of 18 Selma High School sophomores who improved their grades were surprised by a visit by SHS mascot Oskie in March.

Each student receives a certificate, a sticker and flashlight key chain that reads, “I survived the SHS Sophomore Bear A.T.T.A.C.K.”

The flashlight symbolizes that the student brightened his or her academics and improved their grade. A.T.T.A.C.K. is an acronym for Acknowledging The Tremendous Academic Contributions of Kids. Recipients of the Bear A.T.T.A.C.K. award in March were Aldo Ochoa, Edward Castaneda, Juan Carlos Santiago Rios, Litzy Salazar who was nominated by two teachers, John Henke, Jennifer Pacheco Ramirez, James Castillo, Xochitl Ramirez Perez, Desare Rvera, Maria Garibay, Matthew Ramirez, Andrew Flores, Vivian Sanchez, Jared Mahan, Adolfo Valdovinos, Alondra Rodriguez, Freddy Barrita, and Yesenia Bautista.

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