SELMA – As the 2017 service year ends, California Water Service Selma District leaders say they’re committed to continuing serving local communities.

“California Water Service values being able to give back to help improve the quality of life in the communities we serve,” Selma office manager Steve Johnson said.

In 2017, Cal Water donated $35,000 to local charitable organizations and invested $1.5 million in infrastructure improvement projects, including building water treatment plants and installing new meters.

Also this year, the Selma District helped nonprofits provide vital services to community members in need by donating to the Selma Cancer Support, Salvation Army, Selma Cares, the Salazar Center, and other organizations. The funds were donated as part of the utility’s philanthropic giving program and not paid for by ratepayers.

Selma District employees also volunteered with the Selma Rotary Club and participated in the Sikh Cultural Exchange.

“We are glad to partner with these important organizations, which provide such essential services to our community,” Johnson said.

In 2017, the Selma District constructed two granular-activated carbon-based treatment plants to ensure the local water supply does not exceed the new 1, 2, 3-Trichloropropane standard of five parts per trillion. This requirement was set by the State Water Resource Control Board in July.

The District also transitioned 450 customer services to metered connections. The conversion will guarantee customers only pay for the water they actually use and helps fulfill another state requirement to have meters installed by 2025.

“Our promise to our customers is to provide them with quality, service and value,” Johnson said. “By investing in our infrastructure, we can ensure our customers continue to receive a high-quality water supply and that this promise is fulfilled for generations to come.”

Cal Water serves about 6,600 service connections in Selma and about 2 million people through 480,300 service connections in California. The utility has provided water service in the area since 1962.