Allens: Son-in-law promoted

Col. Jeffrey D. Smiley has been promoted to brigadier general and is the son-in-law of Selma’s Bob and Mary Allen.

Selma’s Bob and Mary Allen attended a ceremony on Aug. 4 in Mather, Calif., for their son-in-law Col. Jeffrey D. Smiley, who was promoted to brigadier general.

Smiley currently serves as the Deputy Commanding General of Support of the 40th Infantry Division and Chief of Staff for the California Army National Guard.

Attending the ceremony was Smiley’s wife, Kathy Allen Smiley, his sons Quinnton and Durand Smiley, the Allens and Selma guests Chad, Jamie, Ethan and Owen Wenter.

The rank of brigadier general has existed in the United States Armed Forces since the American Revolution. Their insignia is one silver star worn on the shoulder or collar.

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