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Last Friday while waiting in line at the Hanford Recreation Department, I overheard a man and woman speaking with the young lady behind the counter: it sounded as if the couple wanted to know what to see and do in Hanford.

The receptionist looked a bit perplexed because she wasn’t sure what advice she should give, so she handed them the Department’s Summer brochure of activities.

I stepped forward and asked the couple if they were indeed visiting Hanford and were seeking highlights of the city; they replied that yes, that was their quest.

So I named, and gave directions to, some of the highlights: the Episcopal Church of the Savior, as well as the original red brick church in the back; the Carnegie Museum; the Taoist Temple – although I couldn’t guarantee that it would be open that day for tours.

They thanked me and headed out, while I proceeded to sign up for a couple classes offered for “seniors.” A few minutes later I saw the couple headed south on Douty – towards the Episcopal Church. Upon reaching my home, I leafed through the Summer Rec program booklet they’d been handed and found that it offered activities for little kids through senior citizens…but no highlights of interesting things to see and do in Hanford.

It dawned on me then that I’d neglected to mention the crown jewel of the downtown Hanford area: The Children’s Storybook Garden – which delights everyone who is directed there or who stumbles upon it.

Can you see where I’m headed with this letter?

There was recently an online story featuring the most boring city of each state. Can you guess which is California’s? Hanford-Corcoran. (My husband explained to me that Hanford-Corcoran is a marketing area and thus lumped together as one city.)

Wouldn’t our city be well served to have someone or something, somewhere, to serve as a central guide to what to see and do on any given day in Hanford?

There is no longer a Hanford Visitor’s Agency. I quickly looked online: The Chamber has an office on Court Street. Likewise, Main Street Hanford has an office on Lacey Blvd. But neither’s front page lists tourist highlights.

I haven’t been to the train station recently, but shouldn’t there be, at the very least, a kiosk there with information about places to see – local attractions along with their addresses and days of operation? And maybe another one on or near 7th Street? Or on Douty or Irwin streets? Or on 10th Avenue to point people towards some of our tourist spots? And at the Recreation Department Office?

Do we want visitors to Hanford to find the best about the city?

Or do we want to remain the most boring city in the state of California?

Linda Jones is a resident of Hanford.

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