The Sentinel has a policy of not endorsing candidates in races where our editorial board is not able to interview candidates.

However, we can all agree this is an unusual presidential election, and, after recent events, we feel strongly that it is time to point out that Donald Trump does not have the qualities needed to be the head of state and commander in chief of our free nation.


Where to start.

He has no grasp of foreign affairs. He said Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine, something it already did.

He is in favor of torture.

He consistently insults large groups of people. According to him, Mexicans are rapists and thieves. An American judge of Mexican descent is incapable of ruling on a lawsuit he’s involved in. Muslims should not be allowed in the country, He has called women dogs, demeaned Fox News reporter Megan Kelly, made fun of Carly Fiorino’s looks. He mocked a disabled reporter. We want this to be our face to the world?

While he calls his main opponent “crooked,” he also has problems with the truth. A few examples:

He claimed to have seen on TV “thousands” of Muslims Americans celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11. When questioned about that comment, thousands became hundreds, the city changed and independent fact-checking organizations could only find footage of a small group of Palestinians celebrating in Israel.

He said the NFL tweeted him about its frustration that debates were scheduled on Monday nights. NFL says it didn’t.

Three times between 2013-2015, he said he had a relationship with Russian President Putin. Now he says, “I have no relationship with Putin.”

Then there is his inability to control himself. He can’t let go of an argument and can’t resist put downs of his rivals. Need we go any further than his discussion of hand sizes during the early months of his candidacy?

He says he’s for American workers, yet uses overseas manufacturers in his business. He says he understands people who have lost their jobs and struggle, yet he’s lived in the lap of luxury his entire life.

He is quick to take offense and just as quick to Tweet out an insult to whomever he believes offended him. That is not a sign of strength; it’s a sign of someone who can’t prioritize, who is more concerned with his own image than solving problems.

He does not value military experience. Remember when he said that John McCain was no war hero because he was captured. This from a man who spent a great deal of time and effort to evade the draft.

Last – or at least last so far – is his calling his business experience a sacrifice on par with a family’s loss of a son killed in the line of duty. Can there be anything more repugnant?

In short, Trump has neither the integrity, temperament nor character to be president. Nor has he offered concrete plans for how he’ll accomplish all the things he says he will.

We are seeing more Republicans trying to distance themselves from Trump’s rhetoric and antics, and will no doubt see many more in the weeks ahead.

Still, many people say they will vote for Trump because they hate Hillary Clinton. Clinton has faults, no doubt about that. But which would be better: An adult who is human, who has faults or a man who vacillates between acting like a 2-year-old having a temper-tantrum and an adolescent boy taunting people he doesn’t like?

If you can’t accept Clinton, there are other options. Gary Anderson of the Libertarian party, for one, but the bottom line is anyone but Trump.

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