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Daniel Valadao has received $49,200 in campaign contributions from the NRA. He is not the only politician to receive funds from NRA by far, but it doesn’t negate the responsibility he has to the mass shootings happening over the country, including Parkland, Florida. By accepting that contribution Valadao pledged to NRA he will protect that organization and their right to sell guns to anyone and everyone they can for profit. Mr. Valadao abandoned his citizens from protection of those who don’t need to own a gun.

What’s it going to take Mr. Valadao for you to take this seriously? Does your child’s school need to be shot up for you to grow a spine and stand up against NRA? Do you need a cell phone video of your child crying under a desk? Or to get the phone call that it’s too late to do anything at all, your child has perished at a school…or movie theater…or church.

People kill people...but guns sure are making it a lot easier to kill mass amounts in minutes wherever they please. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) of 1994 was passed and saw a huge decrease in deaths by these weapons. It expired in 2004…the law needs to be reintroduced and Mr. Valadao you need to be brave enough to stand up to the NRA and vote for it. I doubt you will but just know; EVERY vote you make is being watched.

Is $49,2000 worth more to you than peoples lives?

Samantha Koutney


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