I, along with millions of other Americans, was not shocked when a Republican president, who has been openly endorsed by the white Nationalist Movement, pardoned Joe Arpaio.

I was though, surprised when a local Republican party chapter thought a (pardoned) criminal was deserving enough to be given center stage attention at their Sept 29 banquet. I was horrified to hear that Kings County Sheriff Robinson was a keynote speaker. This sets a dangerous tone for the Kings County Sheriff Department. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to look around Kings County and see our area as a melting pot of every ethnicity and skin color you can think of. However, someone should remind Sheriff Robinson because apparently in his day to day functions he lost sight of that diversity and let himself get romanced by the idea of speaking to an audience before a well-known racist bigot takes the stage and flaunts that he broke the law and got away with it. Why Sheriff Robinson thought this was ok is beyond my comprehension. It is just as important to stand for something as it is to refuse a request that would directly insult your department and incite distrust and animosity within your district.

I detest the theory that Fresno County Republican Party and the world calls this person the “Toughest” sheriff in town. It is not hard to be a racist. Do not call a person repeatedly proven over and over of abusing the law to accommodate his bigoted views “tough.” That is not tough. Joe Arpaio is not tough. He is a coward. Evil persists when good men do nothing…it flourishes when its rewarded. Like when Fresno Republicans hold a banquet in your honor. When local sheriffs get up to speak for you and alienate their entire district by endorsing your hatred, your greed, your ability to abuse the law for your own agenda.

Joe Arpaio-you are not tough.

Fresno Republican Party-your endorsement of hate is shameful.

Sheriff Robinson-we expect and demand better of our sheriff.

Samantha Koutny Sanchez


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