Congressman David Valadao, 

Do you feel or do you support California governors Jerry Brown's laws on California becoming a sanctuary state? I am a born and raised California veteran my father served in World War II and I served in Vietnam and my son at 17 years old was an Army boot camp when he turned 18 this year. Obviously you can see I'm an extremely patriotic individual. Who I am as a person, my three best friends that I can remember in my life are all African-American and have been my soul friends thicker thin in the military and out of the military. As life goes I've had the opportunity to be married three times and bore children of all those Latino and South American marriages. So I can honestly say that I am not a racist in any aspect shape or form or any other that garbage that some DACA are protesting on and expressing white supremacy and displaying another country's Mexican flag other than my own.

Do you find it acceptable and fair to the individuals that are trying to enter this country legally from Mexico have waited in line for their permits and their visas to become citizens be overlooked by the individuals which I understand it is not their fault but laws are laws and if we don't support them we will turn into totally another country because of the blackmail politics. As a veteran I have had friends die to defend United States of America and respected for what she is. Individuals from the North and the South respect the history of America and the ones that have given up their life for the ultimate sacrifice to be totally disgraced it's what's happening to the's war veterans statue's no matter what side you were on as an American.

Gerald McCarney


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