Any tragedy that happens has within it an underlying message. As I look at the 58 smiling faces of those that were killed in the Las Vegas massacre and read their bios (Oct 7), I can't help but notice all the different ages, backgrounds, careers, etc. Though they all have different histories, all of the concert-goers have one thing in common; they all had the same thought that they would all wake up the next morning.

The NLYTEND (enlightened) know that tomorrow is promised to no one. We should not take life for granted because at any moment, everything can change. This is one of the messages we must realize from the senseless taking of those 58 lives.

Buddha proclaimed "The trouble is, you think you have time." Life goes by in the blink of an eye and those who died that night at the concert had plans for the morning and those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Love the people God gave you because he will need them back one day.

As we grieve the 58 victims and pray for those who were injured, it's our responsibility, the living, to replace the good that was lost from the Las Vegas massacre by doing good for others, so this tragedy is not in vain! We must become messengers of love, be a friend and a blessing and take time to care, because we may never know when we may not have that chance again.


Marcus Martinez


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