I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Hanford Blues Festival!

I know all the effort you put with sponsors and attention to details of planning to making it happen with the horns. Especially at a free concert. We all truly enjoyed playing that show. What a unique place to hold a concert. And it was perfect! The drive down was beautiful. The weather cooperated, the crowd was large and seemed to enjoy themselves. The soundmen deserve an award as they were fabulous! It is so very hard to get outdoor sound "right". And after 30 years of performing, I can honestly say that was the most professional and best outdoor sound with the least amount of trouble I have ever had the pleasure of performing with. Even the comfort Inn was the nicest one I have ever been in and we all slept like babies!

We even worked in some wine tasting on the way home. Since we got back I have had dozens of people reach out on Facebook and through email to say they loved the show as well. It was just a lovely experience all the way round and I wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated not only all the work you put in to make that happen but the little perks unique to performing in your area and for your festival as well!

We hope all the people of Hanford has as good a time as we did and that you are getting wonderful feedback on your end! And if you ever want us back we would be delighted!

All the Best, Paula

Paula Harris and the Beast of Blues

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