It doesn’t make sense for the Hanford City Council to spend the time and money to sell the vacant land next to Hidden Valley Park at this time, they know full well this is a very touchy subject with the citizens of Hanford so why go through this unnecessary fight when you can put the issue on the ballot next November and let the citizens decide?

We have to pay for an election anyway as three City Council seats are to be voted on so they can just add the Park issue to the ballot. If you put it on the ballot you won’t have to see the Council Chambers fill up for a nasty fight and no one will be recalled for making the wrong decision either.

The city has owned this property for over 50 years so why not wait just one more year? In a year from now, we will have a better idea of how much new tax revenue the marijuana business will bring in and that will allow for a more intelligent decision.

We were told by the City Manager, along with the City Council, that they gave the go-ahead for a marijuana cultivation plant to open here because we would get $14 million more in tax revenue per year and the plant would bring 1,500 more jobs to the area, they wouldn’t lie about that would they? While we were always told the city couldn’t develop the vacant land into a park or maintain it is because of no money but there would be plenty of money with that new marijuana tax revenue… 

Skip Athey


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