Pride can be costly. Unfortunately for the citizens of Hanford, the pride of 1/2 a dozen individuals is going to cost the city $30,000. The recall of Francisco Ramirez is a huge mistake. Not because Francisco is a great representative, but because his seat is up for election next year. Instead of the city spending $30,000 on public safety or parks, we now have to fit the bill for a recall in January followed by the same district election in November.

The proponents of the recall are Bob Ramos and Lou Martinez. Bob supported Ramirez's 2014 campaign that was managed by Dan Chin and Dan Escobar. They, like many Republicans, were against Measure S, a public safety tax. Former Councilman Martinez supported Measure S and was defeated in District D, which has the fewest active voters of the entire city. Now, politics makes strange bedfellows but a full 180 degrees of support can mean only one thing; this is personal. The proponents of the recall are claiming campaign corruption on a campaign either they managed or, in the case of Lou, that defeated him.

Francisco himself has a great fault in this. He is a victim of his own inconsistency and false humility. Many of us have observed his self-promoting social media posts, one recently bragging about the new medical facility downtown that he voted against in 2015. Francisco has even taken his hypocrisy to a comical level by voting to manufacture marijuana while simultaneously wanting to outlaw smoking cigarettes outside.

The recall is guaranteed, at minimum $30,000 is a sunk cost and these are our options: Vengeful gadflies or a self-promoting hypocrite. It is now imperative that a qualified individual runs for this seat. The Kings County Republican Party is seeking an interested Republican for the position. Fundraising has gone very well this year and we offer substantial support to a fiscally responsible candidate with common sense. Our next meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 8 and we urge any interested Republican candidate to come and share their thoughts on the city of Hanford. 

Kings County Republican Central Committee


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