After what the nation witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia a few weeks ago, it officially confirms Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters "deplorable," Hillary was right on target.

It would be fitting and proper to suggest sending these type of thugs to Korea, if a war should start between America and Korea. These "fine" groups as Trump calls them; the White Supremacist, the KKK, the Neo Nazi's, would be the first responders to the front lines of battle, I am sure.

These thugs don't need training. Attacking and assaulting peaceful "counter-demonstrators" (women and old people) had boosted their hate, which they'll need. These thugs are equipped with their own weaponry: head gear, assault rifles, guns knives, bats and beer cans, thus saving the tax payer a lot of money. Another method of winning the war, is t use their cars to mow down the Korean Army, like they did in Charlottesville in murdering Heather D. Heyer and injuring 19 others.

These "fine" groups can wear their t-shirts with their scary slogans to scare the Korean Army away, and win the war quick. Just another way of how they'll "get tired of winning."

America heard their chanting, "our streets," over and over again. And, they don't even live in Charlottesville. Well, I'm sure the Korean Army will welcome them chanting "our streets" in Korea. These "home-grown terrorist" will defeat Korea in a single night. 

Why would Trump defend theses thugs? Because Trump is one of them.

Richard Leon


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