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The current Hanford City Council continues to show how irresponsible they are, just like past City Councils have.

They should have a Study Session so they can learn the difference between “need” and “want”? They have been responsible for so many buildings for years but let them deteriorate so bad that the cost to repair them is in the millions of dollars, they have owned vacant land for over 50 years and never developed it.

It’s been a sad pattern and there’s no evidence of them waking up some morning and saying “We’re going to start being responsible and take care of what we own”, their philosophy is to let their property deteriorate then sale it.

So now they want to spend $5 million on a Recreation Center so kids will have a place to play indoor soccer. Another Study Session they could have is one where they learn what recreation activities are available in Hanford now, then educate the public of all of these activities.

There’s plenty of activities available already, there is no “need” for a Recreation Center. The concept is very easy, take care of what you have before you buy something new…

Skip Athey


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