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Hanford Recreation caught between words from the Council and staff

Finance: My understanding is that Recreation and The Hanford Police Department are in the same funding segment of the City budget. Guess who gets the funds when money is tight. We have an excellent Police Department so it’s money well spent in Hanford but what about money for recreation. A big need!

Study: If we do one more study in this town without a good implementation program I think I will throw up on Mr. Athey’s lawn.

Maintenance: It’s driven by the staff’s receipt of spending direction from the City Manager and the Public Works Director who both want to look frugal and efficient and that ain’t working. I am for saving our buildings with history – lets put together a group of citizens and city staff to find Government and Private grants for funding expansion!

Need: What do you mean by saying there is no need for a Recreation Center? I suggest you do your own research to get educated. Stand in the Soccer field outside in July and December and experience the passion of Massive Sweat or Freezing Cold. Tour Lemoore’s facility for recreation. Learn how kids are playing indoor soccer year-round in lots of cities to the point that they are now getting Soccer scholarship for college. Little schools like The University of Chicago, Stanford, University of California, and many others. Plus, these youth don’t have guns nor gang membership.

Irresponsible: That’s a heavy word “Skip” for the Staff and Council on the buildings maintenance. I am for something that fits in with today’s society. Give them a performance review, take away the City Manager’s car, or Vote them out of office. My business experience includes being the Facilities Manager for 152 facilities for Sunbelt Rentals from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. We did not have problems like this! We all about worked together in a reasonable way and got the job done.

Dave Jones

A SimiRetired Hanford Citizen

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