As an incumbent in District 3 running for the Kings County Central Committee, I am distressed at the way the "challengers" have gone about solidifying their power.

Many of us old-timers, were distressed that the annual Lincoln-Day Dinner didn't happen this year. The challengers were in charge. At meetings, they just kept stalling and never gave us an answer as to when it would occur. Those dinners were always well-attended and helped to educate and to bond our conservative Republican community.

The challengers "fresh" ideas seem to revolve around relentless fundraising and phoning voters to the point of harassment. What's so fresh about that?

By the way, while on the committee, I built a professional website, managed and created Facebook campaigns, wrote and produced eight videos with young spokespersons, and created a YouTube channel. I'm 60-something. While doing all this, there was an amazing lack of interest from the young-uns, who wouldn't even bother to "like" our Facebook page.

With 24 seats on the committee, there was and is plenty of room for all of us to work together. There was no need to push us out. Unless they have other schemes ...

By the way, the Bay Area pac funding the slate mailers never contacted me or any of the "old guard" for our views and stances. So how did the challengers all end up on the mailers?

This all smells bad. I recommend not voting for any of the folks on the slate mailers.

Best regards,

Katherine Andes

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