Rose Bowl - 1934 and now

I, like millions of others, watched the recent Rose Bowl football game. A record was set for most points in a game.

But what was the lowest score in a Rose Bowl game ?

It was in the 1934 game, with Columbia beating Stanford by the score of seven to zero.

How do I know this? I WAS THERE!

In 1934 I was a civil engineering student at Cal-Tech in Pasadena. The day before the game it rained over ten inches in Pasadena. I know this for a fact, since I was in charge of the rain gage.

Stanford had hired a bunch of Cal-Tech students to be ushers at the game. The pay was just the opportunity to see the game.

The playing game at the Rose Bowl is below the surrounding street level and the field was flooded right up to game time, even though every available pump had been in action all night to dry the field.

Playing was almost impossible. When a runner was tackled he might slide ten feet before stopping.

I highly suspect, in fact I am really sure, that I am the only person who witnessed both games. The first at the field and the recent one on TV.


Jack Schwartz 


A letter to the World 

Dear World, is it that we are fast asleep or due to us having our eyes wide shut, the cause of our blindness? We point fingers, but fail to lend a helping hand. We listen to the singing of birds, while the cries of our neighbors fall on deaf ears. We see only what is appealing rather than what is true, accepting ugliness instead of beautifying with love. Large steps have been taken and still small progress has been made. For we choose not to do wrong out of fear of punishment, rather than for the sake of harmony, peace and love, causing so much hate being carried in our hearts rotting away our core. Secret hate is only contained for so long before it comes bursting through our surface, poisoning our minds, communities and nations. Our shortcomings are not meant to stagnate us, but inspire us to grow mentally and spiritually for the betterment of mankind. Be true to Self, accept what needs to be changed and make that change wholeheartedly, and become part of the NYLTEND, (enlightened). Blessings and World Peace.

Soulchology 101 Teaches: "When empathy replaces misunderstanding, compassion takes the lead."

Daniel Sowell




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