Our Family Dairy is located on Grangeville Blvd near Lemoore Naval Air Station and our family would like to express our sincere appreciation to the car driver who appeared to be in uniform who stopped and tended to the needs of our United States Flag that has proudly flown in front of the Droogh Dairy.

Over the years we would replace the flag as needed but this last year has been real challenging for our family. With our family’s youngest daughter recently being diagnosed with cancer and placed under chemo cancer treatment in Santa Barbara, it required our family’s presence and support.

It was challenging with family members being spread out along with keeping the family farm and dairy operating.

Our daughter was released in time to return home for Christmas. We are so blessed with all the support, prayers and blood donations.

But now back to the flag. Our Dad passed away several years ago and our mother, who is 92 years old, still lives on the dairy. Our Mom related how there was a Gentleman in a car who stopped by the Dairy when he saw our wind storm torn U.S. Flag on the ground. He gently picked it up, folded it appropriately with all due respect it deserves and gently placed it next to the barn.

Our mother had the U.S. Flag brought to her house for safe keeping. She then gave the worn U.S. Flag to her great grandsons, who are Boy scout and cub scout members, for proper respectful disposal of the U.S. Flag

Then a few days later this same car stopped by and dropped off a Brand New Flag. Wow was Mom excited. Her son John replaced the broken Flag pole rope and installed the new United States Flag that proudly flies again in front of the Droogh Family Dairy.

To You, the car driver that stopped by when we needed some help, your actions are an example of what makes America Great.

To the Gentleman in uniform who Stopped and took care of the United States of America Flag, THANK YOU.


John Droogh and Family


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