Vote NO on recall. Just mark NO. Tell your neighbors.

I want to thank the teacher that answered my questions. She is the perfect example of what I have been trying to tell the people of this community. She belongs to the group that gets their paychecks in Selma but do not live in this community. She belongs to the group who lives out of Selma yet she is trying to tell our community how to vote. The Selma School Board was elected by Selma voters. If she lived in Selma and paid her taxes maybe her opinion would count. You have to live in Selma to know what is good for this community. 

Sutton is gone and nobody wants him back, not even your cohorts. A board member is elected for the district not just fir his area. Once a board member is elected he can go to any area or any school. A board member may visit any classroom at anytime he wishes. Courtesy dictates he notify the school office when he arrives on campus, appointments are not required of board members as requested by Ms. Miller.

The money paid the fired superintendent was apparently well spent because our school district, not yours Ms. Miller, is financially sound public information if you want to look it up.

Whether I'm a relative or not is irrelevant. All of my letters were factual and could support any of our board members. I was writing for this community. I live in this community. My children attended Selma schools and now my grandchildren are attending Selma schools. Where did Ms. Miller's children attend or attended schools?

Go out and vote get involved in your community and the welfare of our children.

Vote NO on RECALL. Just mark NO.

J. Sandoval Sr.



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