It is a major disappointment that the President of the United States has lowered the moral foundation of our country by ending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Sending back many who only know America as their home to unfamiliar foreign lands to start all over is wrong in so many ways.

Like many I have been disappointed to disgusted by the occupier of the Oval Office. That sentiment has flowed over to spineless GOP elected officials who celebrate country and family values as the mantra of their party but allow one man to spit on all of that and still remain silent. His voters however are ultimately the biggest disappointment of all who despite all that is happening to our country, they stand idle to the dismantling of what is beautiful about our country for a fabricated America they bought into.

Even at a time of calamity, even when all walks of life are helping the victims in Houston, this President does this with no heart for the human spirit. Despite my many differences with the GOP, I use to believe that the GOP overall at the end wanted what is best for America because afterall we are one. Today, after all that has happened I don't believe this anymore. Their agenda clearly excludes many and why they are allowing one man take the club to what even they hold dear.

Today, we continue to resist. Our resolve is stronger and we will persevere. We will never allow this to happen again.

Ruben Macareno


14th State Senate District


Latino Democrats of Central California

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