This is Little David "big Bird" Smith Jr. I've returned from Seattle WA. King County to Hanford CA. Kings County to help the homeless.

PG&E set my house on fire back four years ago, now I'm homless with these people ages 4-74 all on to lots trailers & tens - 2 toilets on e shower - we need water, electric & gas, please help with donations, volunteering or Help with materials. It's Hot - next month it's cold.

Back in our Day's we helped each other During my sport days we all had fun at Hanford Easat & West - now I've gone from Hallf of fame to Hall of Shame, from Hero to Zero. I got my degree in "77" high school and my degrees in college U.W. in "84"  My address now is 11826 3rd Pl. The people in charge don't or won't help us  Home Garden Water District, KCAO< DA, Mayor, etc. All said onething or another. I'm a dog for life bullpups, Huskies 

David Smith Jr.


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