President - Elect Donald Trump, as an American born and raised and a veteran as my family have been for hundreds of years to defend our country I could not be more proud that you are going to be our 45th president of the United States. As a father whom my youngest son is entering the military at 17 to serve our great country he could not be more proud of you.

As a born and raised Californian I am truly disgusted with Congressman and Senators who want to boycott one of our greatest achievements in the world for peaceful transition. It’s truly pathetic that they represent the American voter in public of the United States and have a wet diaper moment especially when swearing-in our new leader of this great nation.

President Trump let me be the first as an American citizen to congratulate you an extremely encouraged and motivated by your enthusiasm towards America for Americans. You are a man of your word you have guts and glory and I could not be more static about the next eight years of office that you’re going to serve our great country and “Make America Great Again.” Good luck and God bless you in the heart of America is behind you.

Sincerely, Gerald McCarney

Vietnam Veteran

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