Addressing their comments to Gov. Jerry Brown in a press conference today, county leaders and other officials asked him why he hasn’t addressed local concerns as he presses full steam ahead with the troubled $98.5 billion plan to connect the Bay Area and Los Angeles with high-speed trains.

Officials timed the conference to coincide with Brown’s decision to become the project’s chief promoter.

In recent days, Brown has suggested that it will cost less that $98.5 billion. He has also said that fees from a cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could fund the project.

Officials expressed their particular concerns that an $11.2 billion water bond proposed in 2010, but delayed until this year, might not make the ballot as Brown pushes forward with tax increase proposals and high-speed rail.

The bond is supported by agriculture because it promises new storage facilities to help ease the state’s chronic water shortage problems.

Read Wednesday’s edition of The Sentinel for more information.

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