xyz Hanford police

HANFORD – Police are warning residents not to pay for gas at the pump after a recent credit card number theft incident at a Hanford gas station.

Hanford Police say a credit card number skimming device was discovered earlier this month at the T&A Mobil Mini Mart at the corner of 10th and Grangeville avenues.

The device was attached to pump #5 and may have been there for a week, according to a police statement.

Police say they don't know how many people may have had their credit card information stolen.

Police described the device as crude, but said it had the capability to remotely transmit stolen information.

Police are advising residents to go inside and pay at the counter.

If you pay at the pump, police are advising you to look for pry marks, broken locks, torn seals or other evidence of tampering before you swipe the card.

Residents are also being advised to check their credit card statements and report any unauthorized charges to the Hanford Police Department at 585-2540.


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